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Big broker dealer technology with the personal service you expect from a small broker dealer.

Independence and Teamwork

Do you ever feel as though you are tackling too many roles in your business and can't stay abreast of everything you need to know? Do you feel like you need some assistance, but are not quite ready to hire more staff? Would you like to optimize your practice, but don't know where to find solutions? Do you want to be independent and in control of your business, but don't want to feel like you are on an island all by yourself?

By joining Cetera Advisors through the Cameron Financial OSJ office, you can maintain your independence while accessing our team of advisors and staff to help you navigate through technology, operations, product knowledge, and other industry issues. Our representatives are available to take client requests while you are out of the office, help you get stubborn back office issues resolved, or connect you with sales and marketing solutions. Our compliance services will help you maintain accurate records in order to reduce your liability exposure. If you need help with a proposal or investment research, we are just a call or email away.


Your gross payout will be negotiated based on your production level and how you choose to affiliate with Cameron Financial Strategies. Business succession or office and staff sharing arrangements might be available in some areas. Portfolio management is available under a split rep number.


Fees that cover E&O, fidelity bond, affiliation/technology, and SIPC are deducted from your commission weekly. FINRA and state securities registration fees are charged separately on an annual basis and vary based on your registrations. For most advisors, these weekly and annual fees total between $6,200 and $7,200 per year.


Platform fees for advisory accounts vary by platform. They can be as low as a flat $250 per year on a platforms with no bells and whistles. Alternatively, you can use one of the wealth management platforms available through Smartworks Advisor or My Advice Architect and pay anywhere from 1.5 basis points to 30 basis points depending on the platform you choose, your AUM, and the account value. We can help you decide which platform to use. Most advisors will experience platform fees around 25 basis points.

Access to more than 100 strategists and 300 separate account managers or manage on your own using Cetera's premium research.

Proposal generation, rebalancing, trading, performance, and billing all available in one place.

Asset allocation models which are managed by the model provider are available for a model provider fee of 0.03%