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Retirement Plans

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

An employer sponsored retirement plan offers tax savings and an incentive that can attract and retain quality employees.  The quality of service and available investment options is evolving.  Even if you already have a plan, it can be worth your while to request a review.  There is no cost and you can keep a copy for your records.

When you collaborate with Cameron Financial Strategies to provide your employees with a retirement plan, they also get financial education and access to local representatives for personal financial planning.  

We simplify the process of choosing a retirement plan by discovering your needs and narrowing down your options to the ones that make the most sense in your specific situation.  

Self Employed?

If you are self-employed, you have more retirement savings options than many employees do.  It is also less complicated for you to make large contributions than it is for business owners with employees. The opportunity for tax savings alone can be worth reviewing your retirement plan.

Your plan choice will depend on factors such as:

How much do you want to contribute?
Do you plan to hire employees in the future?
Do you want an option for Roth contributions?
With what plan administration costs are you comfortable?

We can help you choose from the following plans:

Individual 401(k) - with or without a Roth option
Profit Sharing Plan
Money Purchase & Defined Benefit Pension Plan
Traditional or Roth IRA